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GRACE A VOUS, des dons

sont faits À DES associations

de protection animale

individual sessions

Energetic Care & Natural Development


Care*  release  :  

from 2:10 a.m.

"Liberation, Cleansing, Updating of Consciousness & Harmonization"

Four terms summarizing the course of care .  


      Find the description of the treatments in           Further information is at  your disposal here


Natural Development™*,

maintenance release  :


"Recognition, Understanding, Integration

& Evolution"

Four terms summarizing the  transmission

of Natural Development .  


  find  the description of this session in            

* Everything being linked, the care involves the transmission of

notions of Natural Development .

Similarly, energy healing and releases occur regularly during the transmission of Natural Development .

Each type of accompaniment makes it possible to deepen one or the other, and thus to move forward more effectively .

Location of sessions:

-  at  remote -  followed  by Skype,  WhatsApp , email . ..

- Vendee  (Go to Cabinet Le Dauphin Bleu 

currently unavailable)

Payment in cash, check, bank transfer and Paypal possible.

If the cancellation or change of a session is not  not warned  minimum 48 hours in advance, the session is due and the  payment is requested.  (Special case  to discuss.)

Pricing  accompaniments

Natural Development ™ and maintenance release*

( 1h30 interview)

(Can  be dedicated to highlighting and deciphering one or more  problematic  - makes it possible to initiate a process of liberation and updating of consciousness; while providing tools and understandings to self-liberate and self-heal the problem. Can precede or follow care support for  deepen  and complete a release,  for example ) -  50

< 33€/H,  be minimum  10€ devoted to the animal cause>

Liberation treatment*,  2h10

( 1h30 treatment + report  40mins )
(Can  be dedicated to any type of  problematic; and remains the most appropriate  for  from  releases and deprogramming  / reprogramming  precise, for example)   - 63€

< 29€/H , i.e. minimum 12€ devoted to the animal cause>

Maintenance and release treatment*, 3h

( 40min interview, treatment  1h30 , report  50mins )

(Can  to be dedicated to  wider demands, is suitable for releases/deprogramming/  deprogramming  precise  ; is more complete in terms of support and allows more transmission of Natural Development   for example ) -  87

< 29€/H , i.e. minimum 17€ devoted to the animal cause>

Maintenance and release treatment*, 5h

(interview  50min , treatment  3 hours , report  1h10 )

(Can  be dedicated to more or less conscious issues,  and is very suitable for an overall liberation and cleansing of yourself, your life and its  recurring issues  - for example)  - 145

< 29€/H , i.e. minimum 29€ devoted to the animal cause>



So that Heart's Harmony can contribute to animal protection associations, and work in many ways for animals (and humans!) , the pricing of the sessions is based on an hourly rate common to the different accompaniments, however varying in a decreasing way according to the duration of support - this facilitates the distribution of the funds collected. 

(You should also know that nearly 26% - among other things - of turnover is requested by the State via social security contributions.)
We therefore ask for your understanding of these rates.


Job seekers and students can benefit from payment facilities, and possibly a reduction (on request, on a case-by-case basis). 

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