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Format papier : 16,50€
Promotion Tome 1*

Heart's Harmony books:


Volume 1 :  "Development

Natural - To agree with

the natural movement of Life"





* 11 excerpts from the Book here

* the presentation video here  

* the diagrams of the Book in color here




(provisional cover)

Paper book : €16.50 (shipping costs to be expected)

( To take advantage of the  promotion* , place an order directly by contacting me.
Think of grouped shipments to reduce shipping costs!)

E-book : €16.99*

The classic ebook format is also available. 

Volume 2: "Natural Responsibility"
(next edition)

Volume 3  : "The Natural Relationship" (next edition)

Heart’s Harmony Audios:

audio book  Heart’s Harmony:

"Natural Development" - Volume 1

(in progress)

CD  Heart’s Harmony  :


Alliance  :  Visualizations CD  accompanied by the Harmonizing Sounds of Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls and other therapeutic instruments 
Alliance with Isabelle HAUGMARD, Energetician by Sounds.

* Listen to samples here 

Promotion: 18 (original price €20)

Grâce à vous, Heart's Harmony
contribue aux associations de protection animale et environnementale
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