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chaque mois, des dons sont faits À DES associations animales

How is the realization going?

What is the Multidimensional Alliance?

mobiles & cards

Multidimensional Alliance

- The achievements (in mobiles or cards) allow the recognition of its multidimensional Alliance as well as certain energy aspects of oneself .  

- During the creation, in collaboration with the Beings who accompany you, information and messages are captured and transmitted in the final report.

- There is also an energy harmonization (see  physics) , from the beginning of the realization.

- These portals are a gathering point for the Covenant Beings and yourself, and also serve as an anchor point for the Elementals to operate in your daily life.

- After handing over the mobile or the card, doors open  in your  experience.

- The final report sheds light on the particularities of the Beings of the Alliance, how you collaborate, ...

- The Elementals, who are very often what you call "guides", are already with you.

These achievements are intended to highlight these Beings  and streamline your communication .

- During and after creation, the messages of the Beings who accompany you multiply.

- Discovery of the vibratory benefit of what you are  (or objective of the experiment).

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Mobile  :  

Connection support to your gasoline, your  "guides" and your  Alliance +

written report of the messages transmitted and of the progress  of creation (of  Therapeutic stones are also integrated into the mobile!) - <  150 -  170  euros >


advantage : In addition to working on you, the mobiles emanate their vibrations in your living rooms

Completion time :  3 full days min.




Card  :  A5 size connection support  + report  -  <  80 -  90  euros >

advantage : Take your Card everywhere with you, all the time of Integration (and more  )!

Completion time: 2 full days min.


Mobile &  Card :  <  200 -  220 euros >

Completion time: 4 full days min.


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