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Natural Development reminds us that we - and all that is - are composed of electromagnetic particles , also called  " vibrations " or " energy particles ". 
The cells of our body are composed of smaller particles, themselves formed by still smaller particles, etc...

Whether we observe the smallest particle or a set of cells such as the Body, we always find common aspects which are,  among other things:  a continuous movement, a conductivity of energy, a  interaction  electromagnetic with the other particles by effect of attraction-repulsion.

chaque mois, des dons sont faits À DES associations animales

On this page you will find some articles from different media, explaining to us in more detail ,  more scientific or  more medical what these particles are , why are they called "vibrations" , and how they interact in the Body , in Nature or in the Universe . (click on the titles to see the articles)

Human sensitivity to the electromagnetic environment - The bio-energy notebooks, n°71 (January 2018): 

explanations  on  the composition and  body sensitivity 

Biophotons,  the human body emits, communicates and is made from light  -  (October 2016):  explanations on  the presence of photons in the body

What is energy?  - Essential, n°19  (March April  2014) :

explanations on the composition of the Earth and what lives there, magnetic fields and the link with our place of life

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