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The sending of a check is requested for the commitment.

This is not touched before the date of the workshop, and can be replaced by cash.

A transfer is also possible.

Any withdrawal less than 48 hours before the scheduled date is charged.


chaque mois, des dons sont faits À DES associations animales

Workshop "Connection to the Beings and Elements of Nature & Self-Care  

Alliance of Shamanic Journey and Self-Care

Practical workshop to develop your conscious connection with the Elementals during energy self-care. 

Help to cleanse oneself daily and to advance in the understanding of oneself, of the
  world and his life.


“We are all capable of self-healing, thanks to the magnetism that we all possess.

Added  to this a conscious connection and communication with the Elementals, we have easier access to the information necessary to understand and treat our physical, psychic and emotional ailments.

Workshop open to all, with shamanic journeys to amplify the connection to the Beings who accompany us."

new date to come

Workshop "Return  to  Felt" -

interactive workshop,  Sound Journeys and Natural Development

Back to the basics of our Nature, to the vibratory logic of what we are.

Helps to understand oneself and one's experience, to recover a conscious and lasting state of Peace.

new date to come

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