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mobiles & cards


"After Heliya handed me my mobile, it took me a few days to take a closer look!

And  then little by little I took it out of its envelope and I  contemplated, the meticulousness of Heliya's work brings out every detail of the mobile, it seems alive! I was very moved ... to tears ... and happy because I now feel accompanied, it is part of my thoughts , of my daily life.

I adopted him, integrated, I go to him when I need help, when I have a doubt....he is there and reassures me, allows me to move forward with more serenity and confidence.

It hangs in a place where I can see it every day.
Thank you Heliya for this great achievement and support!" Sophie R.

"I really enjoy looking at the mobile that Héliya made for our alliance because it is beautiful, colorful and lively and it suits me. It reflects the joy we have in being together (the members of my alliances) I have great conversations with my team members. I really feel like I'm not just being listened to with kindness, but heard in the sense of being understood. It teaches me to say what I'm saying. have on my heart and to be honest with myself because I have nothing to hide. The mobile moves and reacts to what I say or to my approach. I have given a name to each of the members of the alliance, which facilitates communication between us.


Since I have it, it has been a real presence, an accompaniment in everyday life, but also it gives meaning to know that this alliance, which I embody on earth,  has a common goal for all its members. Events in my life have happened and continue to happen. These events are all happy, since by making me experience certain situations for the last time, they make me understand that I no longer want them. So, I'm in the "never again", then I switch to a feeling of gratitude for having made me realize what  I no longer wanted and  especially because  that I am free to take charge of my life and pursue the expression of my potential. The mobile is an accelerator of change and evolution because it allows a real heart-to-heart communication with beings who allow me to move forward on my path. It is authentic communication. " Laurence R.


"First of all, I have the privilege of being present when Héliya makes her gates and I feel, live and see the work that is being done. An example when Héliya made her gate (for herself) , there were presences of insects that appeared in large numbers (while she was connected to them and represented them in matter) The elements also react, presence of the sun, wind, clouds at times very precise of the realization.It is a work of very strong connection which allows quick and effective awareness in everyday life.


The gate of the Blue Dolphin

As soon as this gate was completed, I noticed that its energies were present in my energy work. People who consult me have also seen "Beings" from my gate during their session. This accelerates the work of liberation and makes it possible to have access through the Beings to answers more quickly.

For my part, by connecting to them, I receive confirmations of what I connect and during sessions the Beings appear to give me information.


My Alliance

During the realization of my Alliance, I was absent and it turns out that we noticed, Héliya and I, that at a distance, we had connected identical energies. When Héliya handed me my gate, I immediately felt resonances with parts of myself through the Beings present on it, like a "mirror" effect.

I put the gate of the Dauphin Bleu in the presence of that of my Alliance and they positioned themselves face to face (while there were other gates), I received that they were communicating with each other, that they recognized each other, were happy to be together.

The presence in matter of these Beings brings greater energy as they are "embodied" and radiate upon us with greater effect as our consciousness is open to their presence. Moreover, a work, on oneself, takes place, in relation to where we are and this "opens doors" to the path to follow. Dreams are accelerating and also provide information on our journey. Their presence allows a faster integration to the stages that we have to "climb". Our Covenant Beings are awakening us and revealing us to ourselves for our Ascension. Their highlighting of our essential Being accelerates the integration of what we are here for. And this confirms that we are not alone!!!


Thank you Heliya " Isabelle H.



"At the moment, my professional activity is very calm. A lot of questions, doubts, devaluations have arisen.

Why less massages when I feel in my place and the feedback is excellent???


I internalized myself and tried to understand, to think, to feel...

Answers came to me but no change.


For a few days only, I welcome this situation, I stop struggling and I use all this free time to connect to my divine Being, my Essence,

my Vital Energy and my gifts.....because I know that I have everything in me and that it is in the depths of my being that the answers are found. Everything is fair.

The drawing of cards, message of life and message of awakening help me a lot to regain self-confidence...... and Of course, I call on the Multidimensional Alliance.


Since I crossed their path, every day, I greet them, and depending on my availability and the personal work to be done, I connect to them (those I see and the other invisible Beings), I visualize them , I talk to them, I ask them for help and I thank them for being present at my side. I am very honoured.

Sometimes I'm alone with each of them and sometimes we're all together, it's beautiful and very strong.

We can be very serious but also have fun even if it is more rare.

Sometimes, on the mobile, they play with me, they hide, turn non-stop or remain static and this often corresponds to a lesson.


This morning, again, I was in my massage room taking time for myself, letting go of this current situation of reduced activity.

The motive was wise except, essence. she had her back to me without ever wanting to come back from the front?

The cards drawn (drawing of the 3rd eye) speak of faith in the future and of my real identity, of all my possibilities, my inner riches, etc... well, everything I'm living at the moment or what I'm looking for . It's troubling. And always my essence, my identity, at the center of the mobile that turns its back on me ....... 

After a time of meditation, of reconnecting to myself, I get up, speak to my friends of the Alliance, to my Essence and there, I turn her around, and this time, she looks at me with her big smile and remain face..... as if I had found my identity, my place, my abilities. It was very moving.

I returned to the room a few hours later and my friends are well-behaved, united and smiling.


Since they have been in my life, I have felt the urge to be authentic, transparent with myself and with others, which gives me more lightness and hope for the future.

They teach me to live more consciously, to listen to my feelings, my intuition.

They support me, reassure me, accompany me, guide me on my way. Together we form a Beautiful Multidimensional Alliance and with all my heart, I hope that we will grow together for our good and that of humanity, in all humility.  


From the depths of my being, I thank you Héliya and I thank the Universe for having crossed your path and that of your mother. Thanks to you, I move forward, slowly but confidently, with joy in my heart and towards Peace and Light."  Anonymous


"Discovering the mobile representing my Alliance was for me a real gift of Life!

All the circumstances led me to Elle and Héliya in a perfect synchronicity of events, and in the logical continuation of my journey.

A call from my Soul? it is obvious! and above all, it was without a doubt for me the moment to recontact my Essence through my Alliance.

I stamped with impatience, like a child before discovering it, and when I received it...well, I simply said to myself:

It's me!!!! Tears in the eyes...


Gnomette, Fé and Elf who accompany me, and whose names I do not yet know, are now interlocutors, Life supports of which I have everything yet to discover!

They are there for me, and I thank them very much. Thanks to Héliya, I discover other forms of life that are there with a common goal of well-being.

In my image, they are independent and live in their "society".

Today, we will be able to learn to communicate better about our respective worlds, to understand each other better, and to contribute to a better way of living together!

So many things to discover in yourself, with and through them..

It's more than a discovery. It's an essential opening of my vision of Life.

My whole Being has been upset since then, and pushes me to change mode  operation this one so much more positive!


The integration of all these changes that take place is not done without "swell", but I know for a fact that they bring me to a certain lightness and harmony.

And that it is by restoring this new balance that I will be able to fulfill my deepest aspirations, and in the joy of living!

My leitmotif is to communicate who I am, who I am becoming not only  with my beings of nature, but also with myself!

I like sharing, I like to learn from others to better learn about myself.. it's the Model that suits me, the one that I want to show.

We are definitely never alone on our way, so I thank my companions every day..

And I also want to thank you especially Héliya.

For the accuracy of your words, the beauty of your representations, your support in its entirety! your energy, your listening and your sharing, have been very precious and carnal to me in the discovery of myself.


I have never experienced such an important passage since the arrival of my Alliance, I check it every day, and it is undoubtedly a liberating awakening!

All my gratitude and Light " Ludivine


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